Creating a Website

A domain name needs to be purchased, if the Client does not yet own one, and a provider is selected to host the website. Ledonia assists their Clients with these tasks, if necessary. Email accounts are setup once a hosting arrangement is finalized.

Various website options available are considered to determine the best alternative for the Client, based on their requirements. How the website is expected to be used and updated is important. Ease of future maintenance and update factor into this decision. 

Creating a new website or refreshing an existing one is a true adventure as colors and layout are customized to work with your logo and your marketing materials. General page layout and menus for navigation are "painted" with a color scheme consistent with your brand. Images are positioned within the written content for a more interesting viewer experience during the website development. A database is created when applications like a content management system or an online store are used to build the website.

As content is applied to the web pages, it is reviewed for probable keyword usage and adjusted where necessary. The website development is iterative and earlier decisions may be revisited to re-evaluate the customization.

If appropriate, training on use of the administrative area for new or updated system is provided to your business representative for Clients who choose to take responsibility for future updates.

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