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2017 Browser Comparison

Browsers improve with each build maintaining compatibility with web standards and performance capability. Digital Trends, an online publication, used a few benchmarks this year to compare several major browsers and posted their results in September 2017. The benchmarks were run on the same computer using the latest browsers available at the time of the test for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Old Document Formats Still Readable?

Recently an author reported, with disbelief, his inability to open Microsoft Word documents created with the 1989 version of the software with the version used in 2017. I guess we all mistakenly assume our software versions are still compatible with all former versions. This individual is also unable to open musical scores created using old versions of Professional Composer, Deluxe Music Construction Set and HB Engraver, being able to only read scores that were printed previously. Even paper format is not meant for long range preservation either because all forms of paper deteriorate over time.