Options for Customization

Website Customization at Ledonia Consulting Inc

There are several types of applications that can be used to create a website with options for customization. After reviewing your business needs for your website and your plans for maintaining your content, Ledonia suggests the website options most suited to your business.

CMS: A customized content management system (CMS), like Joomla, is most valuable in a situation where the website content is expected to change on a regular basis. Customization is achieved using stylesheets, a template, and extensions. The CMS has an administrative area to facilitate content updates which can be performed by Ledonia or by your business representative. Training on use of the administrative area is provided, if requested.

Blog: A blog is conducive to regular content updates by the website owner and can be setup to accept comments to posted items. This may be the easiest method for your business to provide fresh content for web readers on a regular basis. Customization of a blog, like WordPress, is done using a template, stylesheet and extensions.

Custom Website: A site designed and customized to your requirements in cases where the available applications do not meet user requirements. A customized template and stylesheet(s) are developed for your website. Content updates using this method are best applied by Ledonia.

Shopping cart: A customized e-commerce application is an effective method to sell your products online.  An administrative area is used for customer and order management in addition to product entry and inventory management. ZenCart is an available shopping cart application which also uses a stylesheet for customization.

Website Maintenance: If your website is not ready for a refresh or new face yet, content updates, new images and/or a new menu look may keep the site fresh and interesting. Templates can be updated fairly easily to make minor changes to the 'look and feel'.

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